Success Stories

Ramabipi “Oupa” Mabalane is a skilled watchmaker turned licensing LP Gas installer. As a passionate member of the POVO Premiero team, he’s experienced and shared the benefits with others. Oupa’s household of eight people is served by a 9kg cylinder which powers their POVO Shower System. They’re particularly happy to be spending considerably less on water and electricity since 2016.

“I don’t have to boil and pour several litres of water for bathing in the mornings anymore. Now it’s as easy as telling the kids to go shower,” Mme Catherine Mabalane describes how getting the children ready for school have changed. ‘It also refreshes your mind when the water flows over your body,’ Paballo Mabalane, an Electric Engineer student boasts about their showers invigorating effects.

The Mogopa Family

Stephen Mogopa’s household of three adults in Orlando West, Soweto was one of the first to have a POVO Shower System installed.

With experience in plumbing and gas installation himself, Stephen hopes train and recruit a team of workers to take the project beyond Gauteng to other areas in need.

He insists that installing a shower for his family and a few others in POVO Premiero’s pilot is only the beginning of what could improve many lives.