It’s taken former freedom fighter, businessman and POVO Premeiro founder Colonel Johnny Sexwale years to research, develop and implement a patented design which could deliver hot showers as an alternative to traditional methods like bathing with buckets, basins and taps.

“We all have a right to a warm, clean water shower with all its invigorating benefits counting its protecting the body from dirt and infections.” – POVO Premeiro

Fuelled by Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LP Gas) and powered by a battery, a water heater is held inside an existing free-standing, outdoor toilet. The POVO Shower System is housed in a wooden cabin erected adjacent to the toilet with its proximity facilitating water heating, supply and drainage. The LP Gas heater instantly warms up the water, delivering up to 11 litres of hot water per minute. As an alternative to electric geysers, kettles and pots that take up space and time, the LP Gas water heater eases the pressure on electricity and water supply.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas – efficient, cleaner, safer, more affordable and easier to transport.

The LP Gas (secured in a metal cage outside the home) used to heat water in the POVO Shower System in households with running water fast became the environmentally-friendly, natural energy alternative throughout homes. It provided more affordable and accessible energy for cooking, boiling and temperature control—evolving what was once POVO Shower Systems into the broader POVO Gas Solutions.

South Africa’s LP Gas industry is evolving with the potential to boost entrepreneurial activity and create jobs.

The POVO Gas Solutions and Shower Systems are installed by trained installers who work with licensed POVO Gas Solutions entrepreneurs. POVO Premeiro has developed an entrepreneur package for people who want to run their own installation businesses—upskilling and promoting job creation in communities which need it most.

Working together

As a Corporate Social Investor (CSI) you could work in collaboration with POVO Premeiro to ensure the upliftment of communities. An automated financing and score-card system ensures that even the poorest families that can’t fund their own POVO Gas and Shower Systems benefit. Making a social investment through sponsoring installations and funding skills or enterprise development are some of the areas that businesses could add value.

Working in collaboration with the South African government, corporates, aspiring entrepreneurs and households: POVO Premeiro could deliver human settlement solutions to millions through structured and affordable financing packages—ensuring that even the poorest families benefit.

For more details about POVO Premeiro and how you can contribute:
Call: +27 11 234-9524

We are gathered here in an attempt to restore the dignity of Black people in South Africa. We want people to have descent ablution facilities that are enjoyed by only a few in South Africa. I extend a special welcome to those who came here from far away lands across the borders of our county.

Our non-profit organization POVO Primeiro means PEOPLE FIRST in English and it means BATHO PELE in Sesotho. BATHO PELE is our Government principle to deliver good service to the people.

Welcome to Soweto, welcome to the starting place of the revolution in South Africa. Welcome to Dube Village a place named after the first President of the African National Congress – John Langalibalele DUBE, from 1912 to 1917. Welcome to Dube Masoleng, (which means a place of soldiers). Welcome to Soweto, welcome to the starting place of the revolution in South Africa. Welcome to Dube Village a place named after the first President of the African National Congress – John Langalibalele DUBE, from 1912 to 1917. Welcome to Dube Masoleng, (which means a place of soldiers). Our fathers from this place DUBE were soldiers during the Second World War and participated in Egypt and other European countries. They were located to this area after taking part in the war against the fascist German forces, the war that lasted from 1939 to 1945. Welcome to Dube village and a special and warm welcome to my street - Thabo Street. More than twenty ANC and Umkhonto we Sizwe freedom fighters came from this short, 500 meters street. Almost every other house on this street has a son or a daughter who was involved in the war of liberation.

Many youth from Dube in general took personal sacrifices for the liberation of our country. Young people, including myself, left the country during the 1976 uprisings to join the gallant army of Umkhonto we Sizwe outside South Africa in countries such as Angola, Tanzania, Zambia, Soviet Union, Cuba etc.

Those of us who were fortunate to survive the conditions in exile and also survived the bullets and bombs of the enemy returned back here in the 90’s. Five members of my family were exiled. My brother Lesetja was not fortunate and he did not return home alive. He was shot and killed by members of the South African Police in the Eastern Cape. Jerry Mosolodi from down the road, a brave MK soldier, was hanged by the apartheid regime. Bobby Tsotsobe, who lived up the road, was sentenced to life imprisonment and served that sentence on Robben Island. Unknown assassins killed Bobby outside his home shortly after his release. Neo Potsane from this house across was sentenced to death in 1986. He died out of a heart attack in 2015.

This is DUBE.
This is the place that produced: The first chief of the South African National Defence Force and it also produced
The first Premier of Gauteng.
Dube Village has a special place in the history of our country.
When we returned from exile, the living conditions were not different to the ones we left many years ago. Today very little has changed in most townships of South Africa. This is the reason we are here, to eradicate one of the remnants of the cruel apartheid regime.

Today, People still bath in the buckets, basins without much privacy, exactly as it was when our parents settled here. The idea of POVO shower systems and gas solutions was conceived more than five years ago. The POVO project is the continuation of our struggle to change the lives of poor South Africans and to create economic activities in the townships across South Africa.

Every day, when some of us get into our showers we take it for granted, we do not even think that many of our country men and women, do not have such a basic necessity. As we are getting into the winter season, bathing becomes even more difficult as more warm water is required. The high cost of electricity becomes a bigger burden to these communities as they are forced to boil water for bathing in pots or kettles. This project will enable the ordinary South African to enjoy the health benefits of having a daily shower.

By using LP gas- water heater for shower, and LP gas for cooking and heating, many people will save money from the high cost of electricity. With POVO Shower system, you just by twist a tap, and hot water will instantly flow at a preset desired temperature. There is no risk of running out of hot water as it is in the case with traditional electric or solar geysers.
Entrepreneurs will be empowered through a five days LPG entrepreneur course. During our trial period of the POVO Shower System, we trained a few local entrepreneurs from Soweto and Pretoria. After qualifying as gas installers, the entrepreneurs will be able to handle and install gas appliances and related products.
There will also be opportunities to start new LPG distribution centers in the townships – a new business which will also get rid of illegal LP Gas Filling facilities

POVO will take gas and gas products to the people in the various communities of Soweto, Umlazi, Khayelitsha, Mangaung, Ebhayi and many more such places across the length and breadth of South Africa. We therefor appeal the South African business community, local, provincial, national governments and all other interested parties to join forces with POVO and support the initiative of restoring dignity to the majority of South Africans.
The South African business and corporates will increase their BEE scores through this project, whilst government will be fulfilling its mandate of service delivery to the people.

POVO shower systems and gas solutions will not only empower people through job creation and better living conditions, but will also eliminate harmful pollution in our environment. I would like to thank all those who assisted believed in us and came to the party when they were required during the trial period.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is a great pleasure to officially launch this ground breaking innovative POVO Shower Systems and Gas Solutions.
I thank you.