Benefits of using Liquefied Petroleum Gas

  • LP Gas is a fast and responsive thermal fuel with more affordable operational and maintenance costs.
  • Water is only heated when you turn on the tap, putting you in control of how much energy you consume and helping save water and electricity.
  • Since it runs without the use of electricity, you can use the POVO Gas System even when there’s load shedding.
  • The blue flame is visible when the heater is on, making it easy to adjust instantly for safer use and temperature control.
  • LP Gas is environmentally-friendly, generating lower greenhouse gas emissions than paraffin (kerosene oil) or coal. It doesn’t create harmful and messy black smoke or soot.
  • The LP Gas is stored in a cylinder, making it easier to transport, store refill and exchange.

Benefits of using a POVO Shower System

  • Hot water showers kill bacteria and clean the skin.
  • The enclosed shower offers privacy and protection from the outside.
  • The LP Gas heater warms up water instantly when you open the shower tap. Even with several people lining up for a shower, you won’t run out of hot water unlike electric geyser users.
  • Hot water encourages blood circulation, reducing swelling and pain, relieving muscle tension and soothing stiffness.
  • Acting as a natural sedative, taking a shower calms your body and mind when you’re stressed or have trouble sleeping.

Contribution to Society

  • Delivering innovative human settlement solutions to households, we aim to help improve the living standards of millions and protect their dignity.
  • We’re committed to encouraging economic growth and developing entrepreneurs through the growing LP Gas industry.
  • Once qualified to distribute and install POVO Gas Solutions to communities, entrepreneurs could train and employ up to three people: promoting skills development and job creation.